Silk Road Business School adopts the” enlightenment, innovation and integration” principle, pays attention to inspire students’ ability of independent thinking and active learning, and cultivates students’ pioneering spirit and innovation ability. Through the multicultural teaching and practice, students can master professional skills and cross-cultural transaction processing ability at the same time, to meet the requirements of multinational enterprise.

The silk road education is built around the following five areas, which help to form competitive advantages, ensure excellent teaching quality, and provide students with clear career paths:
1. Establish teaching cooperation with the world’s top business schools and research institution, achieve the international education resource sharing;
2. Possess the world’s most advanced cloud library and online teaching service to realize the sharing of resources;
3. Build the future education and education innovation practice certification system, and promote the sharing of the silk road cross-border education certification;
4. Select outstanding students around the world, and provide free full-time education opportunities for high caliber individuals;
5. Train and transport senior applied cross-cultural talents, and provide alumni with a career of lifelong education.