SR Education Fund

Silk Road Educational Foundation is established by Silk Road Business School with Silk Road Allies together. Under the leadership of Silk Road Business School and Foundation of the Councilthe Foundation is committed to strengthening the contact and cooperation between Silk Road Business School with partners home and abroadraising and managing the funds donated by domestic and overseas friends and alumniconsolidating different educational forces and supporting Silk Road Business School to continuously strive for excellence and benefit mankind in the fields of personnel training, scientific research and social services.

Our work

Silk Road Educational Foundation tightly concert on “serving” educational and technological innovation of “Belt and Road” initiative, accelerating the creation of Silk Road educational global network, ensuring the general goal “offering equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all” , forging ahead with determination, uniting and cooperating. By setting up student bursary, award funds for teachers, funds for lecture professors, funds for researches and funds for infrastructure construction, it provides powerful financial supports in different fields for the development of Silk Road Business School and has become one of the financial pillars and key driver for the advancement of Silk Road Business School.

Our Management

Holding the policies “standardization, transparency, efficiency, security and service”, the Foundation is responsible for the management of all kinds of donations and funds and assures that the use of donations fully conforms to the wishes of donors and the purpose of the foundation and ensures the stable investment of funds and reasonable interests.

Facing the futurewe will continuously optimize the organizational system and operational mechanism, improve comprehensive abilities and shape the pragmatic, aggressive, united and happy organizational culture. We will be engaged in the development of the Foundation and finish missions of Silk Road Business School and make efforts to make contributions for lofty educational career and advancement of mankind’s civilization.