Silk Road Education Accreditation (SREA)

Traditional Three Famous Accreditation:EQUIS、AMBA、AACSB are the three famous accreditation system. They strongly guarantee the global business schools’ strict academic atmosphere, international development strategy, important contribution to business research, extensive business contacts and leading position in business education.

Silk Road Education Accreditation (SREA) aims at train universal talents for countries along Silk Road. SRBS and its allies build and share global educational resources, to serve all cross-border education programs applied to “one belt, one road” initiative. Based on cross-regional, cross-cultural and cross-sectoral education, SREA is a second certification, focusing on assess the ability of business management innovation and digital evolution of future education.

The Silk Road Education Accreditation (SREA) in the cross-cultural context includes “SRME-International Standard Accreditation of Enterprise Management Education” for local business schools and “SRVE-International Standard for Vocational Education Accreditation” for vocational Colleges and Universities.