Full-Time Education

Global Master / MBA

This introduction is only for reference please refer to the practical project

Master of Science in Multinational Business

School system for 2 years

The project brings professors, experts and scholars from top universities in Asia, Europe, the United States and Africa, and aims to cultivate senior management talents who can adapt to the overseas development of enterprises. Based on China, for Europe and Africa, in order to promote the internationalization of Chinese enterprises, deepen the EU / China-Africa cooperation, to provide the necessary reserves of human resources.

MBA – Silk Marketing and Innovation program Introduction

School system for 1 year

Marketing and innovation of silk created by the Silk Road Business School, with the French silk brand Marc Rozier, and the famous Chinese silk group Wanli, is a key professional of Silk Road Business School MBA. Project targeting the creation of the employment and talents transfer in the expansion of the overseas market of the silk industry, combining the eastern and western cultural characteristics, integrating the essence of Chinese and French enterprise management and the spirit of innovation, providing targeted professional courses and close to the forefront of enterprise practice opportunities. The cultivation of silk industry can contribute to the sustainable development of cross-cultural talents.

  1. Teaching objectives:

– Develop students’ proficiency in MBA practical skills in the development of enterprises in the silk industry so that students can form a more comprehensive silk industry management thinking and international vision, and flexible use of marketing skills to guide market demand and find market opportunities;

– Train students’ logical thinking ability; make them be able to think independently of silk industry development;

– To develop students’ strategic thinking perspective so that they can combine the macro and industrial environment to develop silk enterprise development strategy;

– Cultivate students’ management and execution ability and good professional habits;

– Foster students’ CSR so that they are able to handle the relationship between enterprises and their external environment well and realize the benign interaction and sustainable development between enterprises and society.

  1. Project advantages:

– To improve the professional level and cross-cultural competitiveness of students in China-France silk industry under the joint training of experts and business management experts;

– Quick access to industry, participation in practical work, access to internships;

– Access to the Chinese and French silk industry opportunities;

– Access to innovation opportunities in the silk industry.

  1. Admissions requirements:

– Bac + 4: 240 credits or equivalent; market, sales and silk industry experience is preferred;

– Must be fluent in French, English, with a certain Chinese basis for admission;

– Selection based on materials submitted by candidates, reference to university scores and student’s personality;

– The Admissions Committee informs the candidate of the interview.

  1. Diploma:

– Graduates will receive a Master’s Degree in Business Administration – Silk Marketing and Innovation from the Silk Road Business School after passing the assessment and dissertation defense.