Executive MBA

EMBA Project Introduction

EMBA Education is committed to cultivating business leaders and industry elites with professional knowledge, comprehensive quality, international vision and social responsibility.

The EMBA program focuses on enhancing the leadership of serving managers, helping them to understand the cutting-edge business knowledge and concepts, broadening their international horizons, and enhancing their integrated management capabilities to become leaders in their respective fields. The project includes classroom teaching, online learning, team tasks and business practice:


Classroom teaching

– Introduce earning methods and content (classroom activities and e-learning), team projects and enterprise projects, as well as assessment and grading.

– Conduct brainstorming, role play, practical simulation and business games through seminars, business case studies, etc.

– Examination (writing case report, evaluation team project)


Online learning

– Synchronize online seminars as Digital Resources and Resource Sharing

– Private tutoring

– On-line evaluation


Team projects

– The topic should be selected in accordance with the course, which must be relevant to the business application.

– Each participant must use the knowledge, resources and advice of the instructor in the classroom to enrich and perfect the project during the course of practice.


Enterprise projects

– Examine the ability of the trainees to apply the knowledge they have learned to practice.