Executive DBA


The SRBS EDBA is aimed at senior managers and active managers, while the PhD is aimed primarily at full-time initial training students. Created by the Harvard Business School, this training is internationally successful. It allows candidates to choose research subjects based on the problems of their organizations, which increases the anchoring of the EDBA to the business world. The EDBA programs allow the managers who follow him to rise and promote their career prospects. With EDBA, SRBS thus provides a bridge between research and the professional world. The EDBA is a doctoral training designed for senior managers and managers. Completing their professional skills through academic qualifications, EDBA graduates are sought after to teach in the field of Management Sciences. Holders of an EDBA are particularly sought after by Business Schools looking for highly qualified professors.


Several seminars structure the duration of the SRBS EDBA. The program is organized in two main phases:

  • The first year of the program provides the participants with the knowledge necessary for the research and the realization of a doctoral thesis. It is devoted to fundamental courses such as methodologies, qualitative and quantitative, epistemology or the study of the creation of knowledge, the conduct of a research project. Different areas of management will be tackled according to themes Of PhD students.
  • The second phase of the program revolves around individual research under the direction of a confirmed teacher-researcher. She is certified by the defense of a professional thesis in Management Sciences. The stakes and the managerial contributions of an EDBA thesis must be solid and promote the progress of managerial practices.

-A bridge between research and the professional world

Managers bring their experience and the SRBS faculty-researchers transmit, mastery of the methodology of the research. This bridge contributes to the improvement of the decision-making in company. The reconciliation of professional experience and applied research fosters organizational decision-making.