Full-Time Education


Diploma of  SRBS



(3 years, Bac+8, 480 credits)

This introduction is only for reference please refer to the practical project

Dual innovation of teaching ability:

Silk Road Business School, based on its high-quality teaching & research network and its social value, is leading its high-level faculty to work with the world’s leading business and engineering schools. SRBS faculty takes different teaching methods to enhance the graduates’ professional competence and competitiveness in cross-cultural context.

SRBS emphasises on laying a solid background of economic, social, cultural, political, science & technology for students, as well as training them with superior management and decision-making skills. The combination of in-depth teaching and research will create the best career platform and development opportunities for our students in the process of “one belt, one road”.

Objective:SRBS offers students with

-Combination of business skills and politic sensitivity

-Leadership and decision making

-Comprehensive management thinking in the point of global view.

-Ability of logic thinking and strategic planing

-Sense of crisis & social responsibility

Job functions:

-Corporate funders


-Universities and institutions research leaders

-Government and corporate senior consultants


Admissions Process:Application & Interviews

Class Arrangements:Full time – Part time

Admissions Requirements:

Master graduates(Bac+5) or equivalent degree with 300 credits


More than 3 years professional experiences

Study assessment:

Mid-term and final exam, papers and debates.

Language requirement:

Students should master Chinese, English or French. Language training will be in part of the program.


Students who pass graduation thesis defines will be granted Doctor of Business Administration by SRBS. Excellent students who gets average above 16 will be granted Diplôme de SRBS.

Continuing study:

Graduates can continue senior professional training in local SRBS or global SRBS.

Profiles of Professors:SRBS Global Professors

Preregistration:May-July every year, Before 30, Sep., students is obliged to buy social security.

Tuition fees:Please contact general information

Time schedule:

2 semesters every year:

1st semester:Octorber – December,2nd semester: January – April。

(Internship, apprentice, graduation paper is not included in this time schedule)


Each DBA student is supervised by a professor, permanent or affiliated, of the faculty of the SRBS. This supervisor, who holds a DBA or PhD, helps the student in his research project and in the conduct of his research on the whole of his schooling.


Benefits for Professionals: Research to Operational

The DBA program of the SRBS will give you all the necessary skills to research at the doctoral level and will allow you to evolve in your career as a consultant.

◆ Between theory and practice, this course allows you to accompany your research projects for both academic and operational purposes.

◆ At the end of your DBA, you will have:

◇ Methodological expertise in research in management sciences;

◇ Strong capacity to analyze quantitative and qualitative data;

◇ A high-level academic background.

Benefits for Business: Applied Research

For the employer, participating in the DBA constitutes a competitive advantage in terms of qualification, motivation and development potential of its staff.

Return on investment is personalized: DBA candidates often conduct research on specific issues in their company. They therefore benefit directly and quickly from the results of their research.

Easy management: their managers remain available.

An investment to capitalize: graduates of this DBA have analytical skills, theoretical frameworks and research methods to better solve and prevent business problems.

Benefits for academics: The doctoral level

Holders of a DBA from the SRBS, you can apply for academic positions in most international universities and institutions of higher learning. Many graduates of our doctoral programs are currently permanent teachers or researchers in internationally accredited universities. In addition, for senior teachers in the process of progress, SRBS DBA opens the doors to a career in academic research.