Full-Time Education

Global Bachelor / BBA

Diploma of SRBS




Dual innovation of teaching ability:

Silk Road Business School, based on its high-quality teaching & research network and its social value, is leading its high-level faculty to work with the world’s leading business and engineering schools. SRBS faculty takes different teaching methods to enhance the graduates’ professional competence and competitiveness in cross-cultural context.

SRBS emphasises on laying a solid background of economic, social, cultural, political, science & technology for students, as well as training them with superior management and decision-making skills. The combination of in-depth teaching and research will create the best career platform and development opportunities for our students in the process of “one belt, one road”.

Objective:SRBS offers students with

-Combination of business skills and politic sensitivity

-Comprehensive management thinking in the point of global view.

-Ability of logic thinking and strategic planing

-Sense of crisis & social responsibility


Job functions:


-Business managers

-Cost Management

-Production Management

-Public Relations

-Public & Government institution


More information can be found on the French teaching institution website :www.srbs.fr

Professors can decide the language requirement of their class. Different region applies corresponding commercial language.