Teacher Training

The Silk Road Business School’s Teachers Training Program is designed for educational institutions and national & local governments as part of their teachers development projects:

Digital Teacher Training:
This program helps experienced teachers get the knowledge and skills needed to become digital teachers, and reach the European professional level in online education. It grants EU 25 countries joint certification. By combining the online general training with specific courses, it will enable experienced teachers to provide online teaching and offline counseling courses after attending this program.

Vocational college teacher training:
Help teachers from Chinese vocational colleges to go to France, and personally participate in the project of well-known French vocational colleges and enterprises to jointly improve the teaching ability of vocational college teachers. In the process of learning and training, master the guidance and inspiration to students on important teaching practice content skills, accumulate advanced experience in the internationalization of vocational education, and build a talent team of teachers that can meet the international development of Chinese vocational colleges.