Research Centers

SRBS Research is an academic research platform, which actively promotes the cross-regional economic exchanges and cooperation between China and other countries along the silk road.
SRBS Research focus on the issues of society, culture, politics, science and technology and environment under the project of “One-Belt-One-Road”, aiming at building a cross-cultural, cross-country and cross-displine research platform. Silk Road Research is also an important platform to construct the theoretical support system and discourse system of the “One-BeltOne-Road” strategy.

Corporate Social Responsibility

The concept “Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)” put up by Social Responsibility of corporation Research Center (CRRSE, French) has been beyond the traditional points of general scholars. CSR is no longer seeking for the profit maximization under the legal framework or the responsibility for stakeholders when seeking for profit maximization.

CRRSE is not only the research of CRS based on the morality and ethics but also based on the angle for sustainable development and for promotion of performance. The research perspective is that corporations, as one part of the society, should take the responsible for the society and assume obligations consistent with their social roles. At the angle of business morality and ethics, CSR is that corporations spontaneously carry out social missions rather than profits, which is in long-term, sustainable and accompanying with creation and development of corporations.

Digital Economy Research Center

Based on the study of digital economic environment, digital economic factors, digital economic phenomena and digital economic policies, CRED is a interdisciplinary economic cooperation research platform: Intelligent system engineering (social, political, scientific, technological, environmental and ecological).

International Commercial Management Research

Centre de Recherche en Gestion des Affaires Internationales is specializing in management issues in cross-border business. The center is focusing on analyzing, anticipating and advising the development of Belt and Road Initiative participators, such as investors, business managers and company holder. Our targeted issues cover a broad range of dimensions, including the management of cross-border enterprises, the construct of cross-border production chain, the integration of global value chain, world-wide start-up building and global talent recruiting.

Intellectual Property Research Center

Facing the global economic development, and science & technology innovation, competition between countries, enterprises, and high tech is becoming increasingly intense. From tangible resources to intangible assets, how to protect intellectual property has become an unavoidable subject. The Intellectual Property Research Center is engaged in solving the conflicts aroused in protection of intellectual property in the context of globalisation

Urban Sustaineble Development Research

China is experiencing an unprecedented high-speed urbanization process. Urban development and expansion are the results of economic development, and in return, promotes economic and social development. CRDUD takes urban as the object of study, and analyzes the urbanization process, development model, urban competitiveness, urban construction, management policy, community economy, and green-tech & IT in the scope of urban construction (environment, energy, transportation and architecture). This multidisciplinary research platform CRDUD is building, aims at exchanging of ideas, experiences and technologies of urban development between China and Europe.

Euro-Asia Cross-Culture Recherche Center

Globalization brings about exchanges between different countries, cooperation among different enterprises, the collection of different cultures, but also brings about conflicts and issues. In today’s society, management has also entered into the era of cross-culture study. CRIEA stresses on the cross-cultural management methods and models in Europe and Asia, and puts forward a set of scientific management theories, just like a “golden key” to open the door for overseas enterprises.

African business strategy research Center

Africa, as the world’s richest continent, has attracted business from all over the world. However, Africa’s special history, environment and geopolitics have become the intersection of interests and conflicts. Basing on the Mediterranean geopolitical and economic research, the African Enterprises Strategy Research Center proposed a new Mediterranean regional economic Development strategies and related modes for Africa’s investments. From the perspective of long-term development of enterprises, our center assists enterprises to make specific strategic planning in African

Interregional Cooperation and Investment Research

Interregional Cooperation and Investment Research Center,serve for the “Belt and Road” strategy and concern with research and cooperation of China and its domestic characteristic economic regions (Beijing – Tianjin – Hebei regional circle, Yangtze River Economic Belt, China Pilot Free Trade Zone, etc)and interregional researches with overseas economic zones; research of national and regional economic development strategy and the “Belt and Road” strategy; research of cooperation between domestic and foreign Free Trade Zones and of Cross-regional industry transfer; research and risk evaluation for cross-regional investment and merger projects. The goal is to provide theorical supports and practical references to increase the enthusiasm of international community in responding to the “Belt and Road” initiative and to improve the level of China’s all-around opening up.

Research Topic

ResearchInternational development of corporations of the “Belt and Road” and innovative projects in Free Trade Zone

In order to response positively to joint construction of “Belt and Road” educational actions, Silk Road Business School and Research Center for Pacific Economies at Renmin University of China work together for the research topic International development of corporations of the “Belt and Road” and innovative projects in Free Trade Zoneunder the background of Create a new era of close and lasting comprehensive strategic partnership between China and Franceand Sino-French-African three-party educational exchanges and cooperation.

Aiming at international development and Free Trade Zone and through education, research, think-tank and forum, related researches will be carried out. The two parties will provide references for the cultivation of high-level management talents who are involved in cross-regional, cross-cultural and cross-industry of “Belt and Road” according to current high-level educational projects, training programs, overseas study tours, international conferences, etc.

Research Reports

The Silk Road Research Report provides customized research reports to partner
cities and enterprises, in order to help China and the countries along the Silk Road
Economy Belt, to locate them, seize opportunities, innovate and develop.
The Research Report also helps industry leaders improve international
competitiveness, increase investments, make their voices heard, and participate in
a new international order established by China.